The Baxter Selfie League-August 2016

The Baxter Bar & Arcade
108 N. Graham Street, Chapel Hill, NC 27510

The Baxter

Qualifying Dates: August 1- 31
Finals Date: Saturday, September 10th, from 12-2 PM.

This is a month-long pinball tournament, with unlimited entries. Players can go to the tournament website to register for a free account:

Once registered, they may use the website to submit "selfies" of their best scores on the following 5 machines:

•Terminator 2
•Johnny Mnemonic
•The X-Files
•Space Jam
•Jurassic Park

Selfies may be uploaded at any time during the month of August. Selfies must show the score clearly, but do not have to include the player's face.

Players will be awarded points for their scoring: 100 points for the best score on each machine, 90 points for 2nd, 85 points for 3rd, 84 for 4th, 83 for 5th, etc. Players will then be ranked based on total number of points they earn across all 5 games. If you don’t submit a score for a particular game, you get 0 points for that game.

Current standings will be updated on the tournament website throughout the month. At the end of the month, the top 25% of players (4-8 players, based on number of entrants) will be invited to play in the August Finals, which will take place on Saturday, September 10th, from 12-2 PM.

Prizes will be awarded to the top players! This event is sanctioned by the International Flipper Pinball Assoiciation, and all participants will be awarded World Pinball Player Ranking points!