PIN-GOLF @The Baxter!

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Registration and Warmups: Noon-1:00 PM
Tee-Off time: 1:00 PM

Entry fee - $10, plus coin drops of $.50 per game
Cash prizes paid for top 4 players.
Open to players of all ages and ability levels!

Entry Limited to the 1st 32 Registrants!
Please guarantee your slot by registering at the link below:

FORMAT: Players will play 9 Pin-Holes during Qualifying. Each Pin-Hole will consist of a pinball machine with a posted target score which is considered the "par" score. All machines will be set to 5-ball play. The number of balls it takes for the player to reach the par score will represent the number of Pin-Strokes earned for that hole. Should a player not reach the par score after a full game is completed, a stroke value will be determined based on how close the player was to the par score at the end of their game.

For example, the par score of Scared Stiff may be set at 6 million points. A player will continue playing the game until they reach 6 million points. If reached, the number of balls it took to reach that score will be recorded for that Pin-Hole. If the player fails to reach the par score after 5 balls are played, they will be awarded a score based on how close they were to the par score:

4,800,000– 5,999,999 points = 6 strokes [80% of par]
3,600,000 – 4,799,999 points = 7 strokes [60% of par]
2,400,000 – 3,599,999 points = 8 strokes [40% of par]
1,200,000 – 2,399,999 points = 9 strokes [20% of par]
0 – 1,199,999 points = 10 strokes [<20% of par]

A maximum of 10 Pin-Strokes per Pin-Hole will be enforced.

The 8 players (or 16 players if at least 32 players enter) with the lowest Pin-Stroke total after the qualifying round will advance to the Playoff Bracket. The Playoff Bracket consists of 4-player group play, with 3 games per round using the same golf scoring. The top 2 players in each playoff group will advance to the next playoff round.
The Baxter Bar and Arcade
108 N. Graham St.
Chapel Hill, NC
Current Pinball Lineup at The Baxter:
(subject to change)
•Attack From Mars
•Terminator 3
•Creature From the Black Lagoon
•The Walking Dead
•Indiana Jones (Stern)
•Demolition Man
•Mary Shelley's Frankenstein